Saturday, January 9, 2010

2009 Recap - "The Rookie Year"

I like to call 2009 my rookie year -- and boy was I an all-star!! :) It was busy, crazy, wonderful year -- it was my first year out of college, my first year "on my own" and a LOT happened in a very SHORT amount of time! I'll do a quick month by month recap to get you up to speed, just in case it all went too fast and you couldn't keep up! :)

January: ROAD TRIP! George and I (we met in Sept 08 and engaged in Nov 08 - but that's an entirely separate and wonderful story of its own I will have to tell later) packed up a HUGE uhaul full of furniture (thanks Mom) and my clothes (of course!), attached my car to the back (hillbilly style) and moved across country (it was FREEZZZINNNGG) from Washington, DC to San Antonio, TX  -- a very tough move for this East Coast Girl.

February: LOVE LESSONS! I turned 23 with a very uneventful Birthday --  and then we celebrated a MUCH more perfect Valentine's Day! I swear the book "Love Languages" saved us a thousand and ten fights -- if you haven't read it and you're in a relationship, you must! :)

March: NEW BEGINNINGS! I moved into my first apartment!! It was the first time in 5 years I was living without my best friends! :( (George was staying with his parents across town until after the wedding!) Oh - and of course I spent HOURS and HOURS Wedding Planning (and loved EVERY minute of it, it was so fun) and we spent LOTS of time exploring/hiking in the Texas Hill Country!

April: WEDDING!! George and I were married April 25th in beautiful Beaufort, SC (my home town).

May: PUPPY! Meet Niles!! We rescued an ADORABLE Chocolate lab/Weineramer mix puppy from the Humane Society (we had been married a week)! We also travelled back to SC for my Dad's Wedding! update: He's an 85 lb puppy now!!! :)

June: OH BABY! We found out we were pregnant!!! (YAY for surprise "honeymoon-ish"" babies!) We put this cute little t-shirt on Niles to tell everyone we were expecting!!!

July, August and September: BLAH! I spent these HOOOTTT Texas Summer days in my "office" (aka the couch in the air conditioned living room) -- with saltines, ginger ale & Zofran ALWAYS within arms reach  (uuggh morning sickness). p.s. ITS A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October: GOOD NEWS! A lot happened this month - my morning sickness stopped (Thank you God!), We flew back to SC for my Mom's wedding, spent the end of the month nursing George back to health from a BAADD case of H1N1 and then we found out (after 9 grueling months of waiting) that George had accepted into the Navy Officer Program as an AVIATOR (talk about dreams coming true!).

November: PREPARING! My belly FINALLY started to get big (I had maternity pictures done in Charleston on the beach!) and it all seemed so real! Baby Registries, Ultrasounds, Baby Showers -- and of course my 2nd annual Thanksgiving in Texas with George's family and friends!

Nelson's First Photo Shoot! Look at that handsome baby!!! Halfway through he put his hand in frtont of his face -- "ok, enough pictures Mom!" :)

December: WAITING! Waiting on sweet baby Nelson and waiting on Navy Orders!! We had a nice 5 day vacation in Miami for a family wedding and then we enjoyed an amazingly quiet and perfect Christmas with the just the two of us in Texas. It was so great to start our own traditions! I love being married!

... and that was our 2009 ... What an amazingly crazy year full of blessings and new beginnings! I can't WAIT to see all the wonderful things that 2010 will bring!!

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