Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A 90 lb Lap Dog!

Our spoiled dog will soon be replaced! Haha! Not really (calm down PETA) -- we will always love him - he's our first "son"!!!! ... but he will no longer be king of the household. The Abuzeid household will soon be run by a cute little cuddly baby with great burp cloths and bibs! (haha)

Besides preparing the house for baby -- we're also preparing Niles for baby!! We read somewhere that you should slowly introduce the dog to the babies stuff (car seat, stroller), clothes, etc! Too bad he's afraid of the stroller - I guess it resembles the vacuum -- which is clearly the enemy! He does sleep in front of the bassinet everynight - already so protective! :)

So here's a little shoutout to my favorite canine - before he no longer runs the show ...

Awwww! How can you not just fall in love with that sweet little face?? This is Niles - our first "son"! This picture was taken the first week of May 2009 when he was about 2.5 months old. He already weighed 20+ pounds!! The Humane Society said he was going to be a "big" dog ... but we had noo idea how big they meant! :)

Man Date!! Niles' first playdate with his best friend Max (that's also my husband George and his best friend Daniel)!!! At the time we thought Max was SOOO big ... now Niles is bigger than Max! :)

He played sooo hard he fell asleep on my chest! He was too tired to walk up the stairs at night, so we had to carry him! haha!

Niles wearing his "I'm a big brother -- COMING SOON" shirt!!! Now we need to get a new one for when we bring Nelson home from the hospital! :)

Niles playing with one of his favorite toys his Grandma (Thanks Mom!) sent for Christmas! :)

*Btw -- we have YET to find a toy that Niles cannot destroy within 2 hours ... I'm talking EVERYTHING -- we even treid the Dogzilla brand toys for XL dogs! Your typical rawhide bone lasts about 1 day, max! It's crazy! Niles the Destroyer -- let us know if you have solutions -- it gets expensive buying a new toy every 3 days!

Now meet Niles -- our 90 lb. Monster of a sweet lap dog at 11 months old!

Niles is quite possibly one of the most spoiled dogs I know -- he goes everywhere we go (he even knows the word "errands" and runs to the door), gets eggs and sausage for breakfast everyday (yes, George cooks him breakfast!) and he sleeps in the bedroom (not in the bed - eww - no animals on furniture!) -- well that's the "rule" ... but I think George secretly lets him up when I'm not home -- and I have to admit, I occassionally let him on the couch when George isn't there! (Don't Tell, haha).

See ... caught on the couch .... Busted!!

... and caught on the bed ... (We'll have to work on this "house rules" thing before Nelson gets old enough to take advantage, haha).

We've been taking Niles on lots of playdates recently ... to indulge him with attention before Nelson arrives! He was all tuckered out after his first dog park experience!! :) His new friend wanted to play ... but Niles just wasn't moving, lol.

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