Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Adventures in Applique

I'm definitely not very creative ... or talented ... but I am determined --- and so I'm going to figure this Applique thing out! George works Sunday afternoons so it was the perfect time to dive back into sewing! (I should be cleaning this diaster of a house, but sewing is so much more fun!)

The first project was a diaster ... I'm almost too embarassed to post the picture ... but this is all about learning, so here was my first attempt. My intentions were good -- a cute little alligator to compliment all the other litlte animals on the onesie -- I think there were too many details ... so it looked like this - shame. This one will be cut up to clean the bathroom. haha.

My second attempt turned out a little bit better (I love the colors & the crab!)-- but once again the small details are a little above my skill level right now, haha. Oh well - it's just for spit up! I even made a cute little bib to match!

BUT - the third time's a charm!!! I hand drew a picture of an airplane onto 8 x 11 computer paper -- transfered the pattern to a cute fabric scrap, attached the wonder under and began sewing it to a plain white onesie! I think it turned out soo cute, I love the airplane (so did George!)!!

I learned the hardway ... the key (for me anyways) is to use large images with less details! :) I bet I could applique a mean square, haha.

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