Saturday, January 9, 2010

... and sew here we go!

As I was researching baby "must-haves" for trendy moms, I stumbled across adorable baby bibs and burp cloths that were handsewn by talented moms with sewing machines! The more I looked at them, I realized that I could make them and save so much money (which George is all about!) ... if only I knew how to sew! I mean, how hard can it be, right?

So -- late last Sunday night I headed to the store and bought a sewing machine, some fabric, thread and printed a pattern off the internet! I had NEVER used a sewing machine before in my life ... SEW here we go! :) It took me a very frustrating hour to thread the machine and the bobbin -- 45 minutes of that hour I considered just packing it up, taking it back and ordering the burp cloths on Etsy that I had seen for $8/each-- then the last 15 minutes I actually WATCHED the instructional DVD and figured it out!!! (Amazing how instructions help, lol). A quick 30 minutes later, I had made my first burp cloth! :)

I've been at it a week now -- and each day I get a little more confident, I get better at finding discount fabric, my seams get a little more straight and my ideas a little more creative!! *Don't look too closely at the seams -- they are imperfect ... but I like to think it adds "character"!

My burp cloths are getting a little cuter each time -- who knew spit up could look so good?

I also made bibs with both terry cloth absorbent flannel -- now I'm looking for a great "wipe clean" fabric (maybe vinyl?) to make some more! I'll keep you posted!

Then I made some matching sets (burp cloths and bibs)

And then I made a matching (reversible) baby blanket with soft red flannel on one side-- I just love the sailor/anchor fabric, so cute!


  1. This gives me hope! I've had my sewing machine for quite a while now but get stressed and bummed out when I get it out and things don't look perfect. This seems like a simple enough task to work on simple techniques.

    I'm loving looking through all of your crafty posts.

  2. What are you using to make the burp cloths and how?!


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