Friday, January 22, 2010

Another Maternity/Nursing Gown! :)

I loved my other hospital gown so much that I decided to make another -- just in case I have to spend more than one night in the hospital I will still look good! :) (well, at least my gown will - no promises on the rest, lol)

I made this one a little different ... it has a round neck instead of a V-neck, I added velcro to the sleeves for easy-access (aka nursing - haha!!), closed the back up (since I will no longer need it for epidural needles, etc) and made it a little shorter (you know, just to show off those attractive swollen cankles - lol). This one is more of a nursing gown than a hospital gown I guess, which is perfect - so hopefully I'll get more use out of it! Still haven't made the matching headband -- add it to my list of projects! lol.

Here she is - in all her glory! :)

A close-up of the Fabric! I just love it!!


  1. So I'm wanting to make one of these for a friend. Could you show a close up of how you did the sleeves for nursing? I love this fabric too!

  2. OMG! I love this. I am looking for patterns to make my own delivery gown and nursing gown. Did you go off of anything inparticular or just wing it? I love the idea of the velcro on the shoulders for nursing. Thanks for the tips.


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