Friday, January 15, 2010

Pregnancy Update: 37 weeks!

"Today brings two beautiful words: full-term. Now, whenever baby's born, he's likely to thrive. Also thriving? Your nesting instincts, which are behind those sudden urges to bake, clean, or embroider a onesie."
Those were the first two sentences of my "Week 37" email update this morning from The Bump! Haha, so perfect! I was right - that's where all this endless energy and creativity suddenly sprung from!! Now if only I could catch up on some sleep! ;) Wishful thinking ... My belly is WAY too big and my ankles way too large to sleep comfortably anymore. Yes, I've tried everything the books say -- body pillows, regular pillows, sleeping at an angle - i even officially moved to the couch for a few nights ... but so far, i've got nothing. Suggestions???

I had an appointment last Monday (the 11th) and everything is progressing perfectly .. he's head down, in position and now we're just waiting!!!! Doctor said his guess is about 8 lbs (whew, all those newborn outfits we have will fit - at least for a week!) Oh and thank goodness I will not be bringing home the 11.5 (yes i said ELEVEN and HALF) pound baby my doctor delivered that morning! Holy cow - that woman delievered a toddler! :) I used to tease George and say that I wish Nelson would come out "two and talking" since I have NO real experience with baby babies!! I think that woman got my wish, haha. One word that comes to my mind - OUCH!

My stats for the week: (37.5)

Cravings: Pancakes (have you tried the microwave Eggo ones? AMMMAZZZINNG!) and all things chocolate! I'm not sure if these are REAL pregnancy cravings ... or rather just an excuse to finally eat WHATEVER i want, whenever I want! :) Either way - it's wonderful.

Total weight gain: 31 pounds (yeah, yeah, lay off ... he's a big baby ... I mean, it's certainly not all those pancakes and cookies I eat EVERY DAY - sometimes twice, hahaha). It's because I'm retaining water ... duh. :)

One word to describe me this week: CANKLES (eww!) Is it bad that when I take off my shoes and socks and my husband just laughs at the GIGANTIC poles I used to call legs ...? Shame ...

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  1. i had cankles really bad. my doc called them fionna feet (after the character in shrek). took them 2 1/2 weeks after giving birth to go down. no one ever told me that so i was pretty disappointed when they were still huge after i got home from the hospital. just fyi :)


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