Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bathroom Caddy/Organizer

If you haven't noticed, I'm nesting ... and that means sewing, cleaning & organizing!! Plus I'm such a sucker for organization stuff! :)

I fnished the headband holder, necklace organizer and earring holder which cleaned up the dresser ... but I still had to tackle the bathroom counter with the blowdryer, straightner, hair brush, etc!

I have a great fabric travel "Bathroom Caddy" from Vera Bradley that I love to throw my make-up in but it doesn't hold the big things ... so I decided to see if I could make one!

Here it is ... It's soo perfectly imperfect -- but it's exactly what I needed! :)

I used two white hand towels for the base (I bought a pack of 4 at Target for $2.99). I bought a thin dowel (.59) and some decorative ric-rac/ribbon that matched our bathroom ... and started sewing!!! I measured a special pocket on the bottom for my blowdryer and another for my straightner - and the top I just made three straight pockets evenly across! You could also use a pretty decorative fabric - but I thought the terry cloth towels would be cute for the bathroom!

... and here's the final result --- the organized bathroom counter! YAY!! The key to one-bedroom apartment living is ORGANIZATION - too bad I didn't figure that out until right before it was time for us to move, lol.

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