Friday, January 29, 2010

Bedside Caddy/Organizer

We only have one nightstand that goes with our bedroom set and it's on George's side of the bed ... grrrrr. So I never have a place to keep my charging cell phone or my book or whatever else I may need throughout the night - it just ends up on the floor or under my pillow!

I saw this tutorial on Sewing for the Home and had to try it out!! It's exactly what I needed for my side -- a pocket organizer that slips inbetween the mattress and boxspring, so that everything is handy!

It's soo easy to make -- it took me about 30 minutes total -- and that's because I'm a beginner! You experienced sewers could whip it up in no time! I found the kitchen/drawer line at the dollar store, used the left over duck fabric from my car organizer, some fabric scraps from my maternity gown for the pocket and then added some sew-in interfacing (leftover from the Chef's Hat) to make the pockets a little stronger! :)

Here's a close-up .... you can see the drawer lining on the other side, so that it will stay tucked between the mattress & boxspring.

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