Friday, January 22, 2010

Decorated Serving Tray

I found a breakfast tray at Goodwill for .99 -- it was wooden and simple and UGLY but I was sure I could use it for something, so I bought it! I wish I had a before picture to show you ... but i promise, it was awful.

On the way home I was admiring my great find and thought of the perfect use -- an organizational tray for Nelson's diaper changing station -- you know - a tray to hold the wipes & vaseline & desitin, etc!

I sanded the wood a little (nothing major), painted the wood a pretty baby blue (to match the changing pad cover) ... and then mod podged some decorative scrapbook paper to the base!! So easy and soo cute!

Here it is holding all the goodies! :)

You could use this tray for a million different things -- perfume & make up for example OR as its original purpose - a serving tray! How cute would your tea kettle look bringing this out to guests? :) My husband is QUITE the host -- he wants me to make one now for us!

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