Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Brilliant Backseat Car Organizer

I love this!!
(you know it goes back to that whole organization thing)

Since Nelson and I will be nomads for the 12 weeks that George is in training ... I'm going to need all the help I can get keeping everything together!! :)

I stumbled upon this tutorial online at The May Fly -- and thought it was brilliant!! A "car organizer" -- that's exactly what I needed for all Nelson's stuff!

I tweeked it just a bit since Nelson is still a little too young for Coloring Books & Action Figures! :)
My seat heads don't detach so I used velcro fabric straps and elastic to hold it in place! I made big pockets for diapers & wipes on the top .. and then bigger pockets to keep an extra outfits, burp cloths or whatever on the bottom! My favorite part is that I added ribbon to hold links for baby toys!! That way I always have some on hand! :) Plus, it just makes it look cute!

I love it so much -- it looks so cute back there!
Now, I just need to make a matching trash bag for the front seat!


  1. So cute! I found your link on the May Fly, and want to do one of these myself as well. Did you use quilters fabric or something stiffer?

  2. Hey Katie! I apologize for just getting back to you ... i didn't see the comment! The brown is a heavy duck fabric and the patterned material is just regular! :) Hope that helps! I love it!

  3. I came over from May Fly to see your version. You did a beautiful job and gave me some more ideas in creating ours. Thanks for sharing.
    Mary Beth


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