Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hooded Towel for Infant/Baby

I can't wait for bath time!!

Tonight's project was to try and make a cute, cozy and fluffy hooded towel for Nelson after his bath! :) I saw some I loved at this baby boutique for $45.00 and decided I could make them for MUCH less! I used a tutorial from my favorite "idea blog" called Prudent Baby - and it was soo easy! Since Nelson isn't here yet to model the robe  .... I had to use his Build A Bear! A little creepy, yes, but I just love the colors! :) He's going to be so cute all wrapped up!!

All folded up nice and pretty-- just waiting on a cute little baby!! :) I think I'll take it tomorrow to get monogrammed - how great would that be?

Cost of Project
 Large Bath Towel - $6.99
Matching Hand Towel - $3.99
30 minutes time - Priceless :)
Total Cost - $11.00
*I'd say thats much better than $45 -- and it's just as cute!
Mission accomplished!


  1. "Sew" domestic you are becoming, I'm really impressed whit! So how soon is soon for da baby?? :O)

  2. :) So great to hear from you Michelle!! Baby is officially full term and doctor said he could come "any day" ... but I'm hoping for the end of the month!! I'm not ready! haha.


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