Saturday, January 16, 2010

Car Seat Strap Covers!

I didn't like the ugly strap covers that came with our carseat and they weren't very soft either ... so I decided to make some cute and coordinating ones to match the Car Seat Handle Cover I made the other day (as my best friend Krystyn would respond - "of course you did", haha)! I whipped these strap covers up in about 20 minutes last night - so don't look too closely -- they are no where near perfect -- but I think they look adorable and they will work just fine for now!

The bear might have been a bit much ... but it showed off the strap covers so much better than the empty car seat, haha.

The next pair I'll make a lot of improvements ... i'll make them a tad bit shorter for infants (the longer ones are great for older kids) and I'll use bias tape around the edges to give it a nice finished look! If you have any questions on how to make them, feel free to comment or email me! :) It's very easy!

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  1. Please tell me how you made the Carseat handle cover. I lost my job and wanted to make one for my sister's baby shower gift. Thanks.


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