Saturday, January 9, 2010

Initialed Baby Blanket

This chilly weather (yess its FREEZING in San Antonio!) made me grab an extra cozy blanket to snuggle up with while we watched re-runs of Lost (yes, we are only NOW starting Season 1 ... we have LOTS of catching up to do - haha)-- and then I started to think about making a cute one for Nelson! :) This was my last project for the evening ... George was secretly getting annoyed with the "chugging" noise the sewing machine makes! I guess I don't blame him ... it's been going for about 7 days straight! haha.

So once again I checked out Prudent Baby's Ideas/Tutorials and saw one that looked simple enough to whip up with the new fabric I bought this morning (on sale!)! I followed her Simple Snuggly Baby Blanket tutorial and it was so easy!!! :)

I used a cotton blend fabric for one side, thin cotton batting in the middle and the other side is a baby snuggle fleece! So comfy and plush! :) The blanket measures about 27" x 27". Here's how it turned out ....

But then I was bored ... and started thinking about what I could do to spice it up! :) I was reading through the sewing manual and wanted to try out the different zig-zag stitches and perhaps some applique ... so this is what I came up with! I looovee how it turned out!

Cost of Project
Cotton Fabric - $3/yd, used <1 yd.
Flannel - $1.35 for 3/4 yd in the "clearance" bin @ JoAnns
Quilt Batting - $1.80/yd, used <1 yd.
Total for Project - $6.15 (with extra Fabric left over for other projects!)

Average Price for a "handmade" Blanket of similar quality on Etsy -- $18.00-$24.00.
Mission accomplished!

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