Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Maternity Hospital Gown

***updated with pictures from Delivery Room, see the gown in Action!***

Ladylike. Even. In. Labor. :)

I looovee to look at hospital pictures of new moms - its the first thing I look for when someone has a baby!!!! :) They always look sooo exhausted and strained - yet they have this beautiful "new mom" glow that could never be re-created. It's so precious and tender - and they have this "I DID IT" look of satisfaction and pride! The baby always looks so perfect and loveable all swaddled up ... and then while you're "awwwing" that cute little baby ... your eyes glance to the side and you see the horrible-ness that is a dingy old hospital gown. Such a wonderful and touching time deserves much more than an ugly hospital gown that's been worn by a million moms before you!! :) Yes, I'm sure you "experienced" moms are thinking -- who the heck cares what I look like -- just get that baby out!! haha.

But ... I'm nesting ... and I think I'll care, haha -- so I decided to google a designer maternity hospital gown!! ... and then I saw how much they cost ... we're talking upwards of $60 - for one day!!! I couldn't believe it ... my dream of looking "ladylike during labor" was crushed!! And then I had the brilliant idea of MAKING ONE!! I googled it - and TA DA! I found this website with a free pattern!! Yay!!!

Now the problem was that I had no sewing machine, no idea how to follow a pattern and had never sewn ANYTHING in my life!! Yes, see how this could be problematic? But - I'm a "go-getter", so I bought a sewing machine -- (which I have since used EVERY day and loooveee!), printed the pattern and put it together! It was 10 sheets of printed 8 X 11 paper ... it was big and scary.... I spent about 1 hour just staring at it ... repeating ok - "you can do this! you can do this!"

I finally took the scissors to the fabric and began cutting, pinning and eventually sewing!!!! I sort of just improvised as I went - until all 3 pieces (the front and the two seperate back pieces) were sewn together (don't look too closely at the seams, they are a little crooked, lol). Then I added a little scrap of pink around the bottom to make it longer and added Bias Tape around the seams to make it look "polished". I added a pretty green button on the front for looks (and to cover up a little sewing blimp, shhh) and added a pretty pink ribbon to show off what little waist I have left.

*Please excuse the poor picture quality - this was pre-Nikon D3000! :)
Here's the front ....

Now the back is a little different ... It had to be open (you know how awkward hospital gowns are with your bum showing when you walk around!) - so I made one side a little wider than the other (you know to cover up as much as I can, lol) and added the bias tape all the way down to make it look pretty! I tried it on ... measured where to put the grossgrain ribbon and attached it.

Here's the back ....

I'm the queen of headbands (I'm actually working on a craft right now for a creative way to store them because Tarzan is getting a little annoyed with searching for the toothpaste under a pile of headbands - not that I blame him) so I decided to take some of the extra fabric and make a matching headband!

Here's the headband ...

So VOILA!!!! It's all done and packed and I'm ready for my post-baby photo-op!! :)

Updated with pictures from D-Day! :)
Here's my gown in action!
I got SOOOO many compliments from all the nurses & staff ... they all kept coming in to see it! :)
(I also made Brownies ... which was a big hit!)



2.5 yards of Fabric - $10.50 ($4.19/yd on sale -- Hobby Lobby!)
1 pack of Bias Tape - $1.75
Pink Fabric for bottom - $1.00
Headband - Free, I re-covered an ugly one that I no longer liked! :)
Ribbon scraps - Free, they were left over from another project
Tears of Frustration, Blood from needle pricks & Time - Priceless (haha)

TOTAL cost - $13.25

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  1. great gown! i looked at them when i was pregnant too but couldn't afford them so i went without. i ended up having a c-section so i stayed in the hospital for 4 days and had a couple gown changes before my husband could get home to pack a bag with something decent for me to wear(yeah, zane was 2 1/2wks early and caught us off gaurd!) so i'd go so far as to pack a couple of your pretty gowns just in case :)

  2. That is so stinkin' cute - the gown, the baby, the post and YOU.

    Seriously... adorable.

    Found you through Making the World Cuter - you sure did your part didn't you???

  3. Cute! Great idea...Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

  4. I found this post of yours almost a year ago (just after I had given birth to my second boy) and I wished I had thought of it in time to make one for my delivery (those hospital provided gowns are dreadful!!!!) Well, I figured I wouldn't be needing it any time soon so I bookmarked you away on my internet pages favorites for the next time I got pregnant. Well, I just found out I am pregnant again and will be using your wonderful tutorial to make me a cute gown of my own very soon (before I get big enough it's difficult to cut fabric and sew). Thanks in advance for the inspiration and tips! Your things are all so cute!

  5. Can you post where you got the pattern? I'm new to sewing and all the ones I look up are much more complicated with snaps etc! Thanks

  6. I am trying to find one, but yea, they're expensive! Would you make them to sell?? I don't sew, nor do I have a machine! Yours looks amazing!!

  7. I know this post is older, but I just had to comment - You did a fabulous job! Do you mind me asking if you ended up wearing your beautiful hospital gown for the actual delivery or if you saved it until after? I was thinking about make one, but everyone has been telling me it is not worth it for delivery as it will be totally ruined. Just thought I would get the opinion of someone who actually made one. :)

  8. Thanks for the comments! I decided NOT to wear my gown during the actual delivery (and I'm so glad I didn't - it's messy, haha!). I waited until I got back to the room, showered, etc and then put on my fresh & fancy gown -- which was when we took the majority of the pictures! :)

    The link to the pattern is here ...

    I'm expecting baby #2 -- so I'm thinking a "how-to" step by step tutorial is in order! I'll try and get on that! :)

  9. This is great! Always wonder why the opening is in the back...would the gown work if you wore it backwards? I had a c-section for my first baby and the doctors needed to look at my incision several times a day. I ended up not wearing a gown at all for 4 days! Also did you breastfeed in this gown?

  10. Hi, You are right they need not to be expensive but one company now has come up with a solution and that is the rates are just as one can buy and there are options of three sizes on it if you think you cannot make one then buy it there

  11. I love this! I'm thinking of making my own, but maybe changing the back tie placement so my bum is not getting a cold breeze lol

  12. I love this! I'm thinking of making my own, but maybe changing the back tie placement so my bum is not getting a cold breeze lol

  13. I love your gown and was inspired to make one of my own using the free pattern you linked to. I LOVE the way it turned out! Baby #10 is due in Feb., and I can't wait to wear my "childbirth diva gown"! I used a fabric that is predominantly dark chocolate brown in color, so it might not show any stains when all is said and done. I also added an elastisized empire waist in front to give it even more of a feminine touch. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Oh you cute smart Girl! My daughter has 4 close friends that are pregnant right now. Guess what they will be wearing soon - that's right - your gown! Thanks Sweetie,


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