Monday, January 11, 2010

Carseat Tent

George works Monday nights too ... (see, that's why I needed a sewing machine - you can only clean house so many days a week!) so I decided to tackle a new sewing project! I wanted something useful ... something baby themed (everything is baby these days!) and something I could finish in about 2 hours!

I always see mom's at church carrying their carseats with blankets covering up the baby ... not really sure why -- perhaps the cold or the sun or perhaps so creepy people are constantly "awwww-ing" and touching your baby (eww germs!)? Either way ... I also noticed that they are constantly bending down to pick up the blanket because it always slips off!

So, tonight's project ... A Carseat Cover that attaches- and one that matches! Our car seat is red, black and gray .... so none of our blue receiving blankets (as cute as they are) would have matched and we can't have that now can we? :) lol.

I found a tutorial from this website and got busy!! The directions were very easy to follow and in under 2 hours, I had my Car Seat Cover ... or carseat Tent as she called it!

And the great news .... when i'm not using it as a Car Seat Cover, it doubles as a great blanket!!

Cost of Project
1 yd of Black/White Fabric - $4.19
1 yd of Polka Dot Fabric - $4.19
I already had the thread and velcro
TOTAL - $8.38
They sell these on Etsy for $25.00-$35.00 each!
Mission accomplished! Again! YAY!

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