Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Decorated Clipboards!

I needed a little break from the sewing tonight (I haven't stopped sewing since last Sunday when I bought the machine!) but I was still feeling "crafty" (and George was working ... again!) -- so I came up with a new project! Decorated Clipboards! Who doesn't love a fun and funky clipboard to make work a little more exciting? :)

I think I'm "nesting"!! I have all this energy, despite the fact that I'm 37 weeks pregnant, swollen and exhausted!! I can't sleep at nights anymore ... my belly is wayy too big and I'm just way uncomfortable!! Oh well - I guess it's God's way of preparing you for those months of no sleep once baby arrives! I think most nesters spend the weeks before baby organizing and cleaning their house -- which is what I should be doing but this stuff is SO much more fun!! I'm just using this "nesting" as a time to explore my inner creativity, haha.
I started with a plain wooden clipboard from Walmart shown in the picture below ($1.09), bought two sheets of coordinating scrapbook paper ($.59 each) and a jar of Craftbond Rubber Cement ($1.45). That's it - that's all you need.

I traced a pattern around the top part of the clipboard so that all the wood would be hidden and then I started laying down the paper!! Easy as that! I smoothed it out nice and even ... and waited for it to dry!

The Finished Product!

They were super easy to make and would make great gifts for a teacher or student - just add a cute little steno pad and embellish them any way you wanted with cute ribbons, etc!

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