Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Extra Large Cosmetic Bag!!

I Loovee Make-up Bags!!!! All colors, all sizes, all kinds. I have a TON of them ... but I never seem to have enough or have one big enough for all my stuff! I wanted one that would hold full size shampoo and conditioner bottles, face wash, etc. I couldn't find a pattern online for one that I liked ... so I created one of my own!!

All you need is a fabric placemat, some decorative ribbon, a long strip of velcro and/or buttons. That's it -- see, it's so simple!! I did some measuring and some pinning and finally got the bag to the size I wanted! I sewed the ends with corners so that the bag would stand on its own and then added the cute ribbon and buttons! I attached a long piece of velcro to the top - and voila!! It's definitely not perfect but it has "character" (haha) ... and its BIG and holds all my stuff! :) What more could you want?

*I think next time I'll make a longer flap and add one more button -- I like the look of  '3' better than 2 .. but I don't have any right now!

Cost of Project
Fabric Placemat from Target - $2.99
Ribbon Roll - $.99
2 Pack of Gold Buttons - $2.10
Total - $6.08

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  1. Whitney! This is amazing! Do you think you could make one for me...? I'm starting dance competitions in February and I need something to hold all of my things! (Jewelry included) Just let me know! -Simms


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