Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nursing Cover (Hooter Holder)

Some call them Nursing Covers. I prefer the term Hooter Hider! :)
The choice is yours.

I'm not going to lie, when people start nursing their baby in public I get a little uncomfortable. I know, I know, we're women - and it's natural and it's a womans right to nurse where ever she wants ... BUT, come on people -- a little modesty! We don't want to see that! :) BUT ... I also will be nursing ... and when I have a screaming child -- I probably won't care who sees what as long as that sweet baby quits crying! Haha! So -- a nursing cover seemed like the perfect compromise!!

They sell them on ETSY for about $30.00 -- but I figured it couldn't be that hard to make one for MUCH less! Plus, then I could pick the fabric I wanted! :) I'm going to be a stylish mom if it kills me! haha.

I found a tutorial on Prudent Baby that looked easy enough! I bought a yard of cute fabric, a small pack of D rings and 14" in. of boning (I didn't even know you could buy 'boning' by the yard, thankfully the lady at JoAnn's was super helpful since she could tell I was clueless, lol). I followed the tutorial step by step ... and I made my first nursing cover!

The D rings make it so that you can adjust the strap to find the perfect fit and the boning makes the neckline curved so that you can still see the baby while they are nursing (but only you can see) ... everything's hidden and discreet (i'm happy!) and baby can eat (so he's happy)! What more could you want??

Here's a picture of the Nursing Cover I made this morning ... I think next time I'll use a little thicker boning and perhaps make the fabric a little wider than the pattern called for, but it turned out pretty great! I can't wait to use it! I might also add a bit of terry cloth at the bottom to wipe baby's mouth and a pocket on the back ... but next time. For now - this is perfect!

Cost of Project
1 yd of Fabric - $4.19
Pack of D-rings - $.78
14" of Boning - $1.75
Total cost of Project - $6.72

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