Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fabric Bookmarks

I've only been sewing for a week or so and I already have a HUGE pile of random fabric scraps!! They are just sitting in a big bag until I think of something cutesy to do with them! As I think of things -- I'll post them here! If you have ideas ... I'd love to hear them!!!

I have a ton of friends that love to read! and who doesn't love a cute bookmark? I think bookmarks make it that much more fun to dive into your favorite book -- so I decided to make some!

Here are a few of the ones I made this afternoon!! (So easy and quick - took about 10 minutes tops)

What you need:
Fabric Scraps
Modge Podge or any strong Craftbond Glue
Cardstock Paper
Some Fun Decorations -- I used buttons, Bias Tape, Ribbon, etc.

I don't even really need to explain, it is that simple! Just cut the cardstock, cover with fabric (wait for the glue to dry) and then add the fun stuff! That's it! :) Be creative!

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