Sunday, January 31, 2010

'Go Green' Coffee Cozy!

I'm attempting to "go green" -- not in every aspect -- that's WAY too unrealistic for me .... BUT I am trying to make little changes where I can ... like bring my own bags to the store and not waste so much paper! I'll only "go green" if I can do it stylishly of course -- just kidding. sort of. :)

So ... I thought this coffee cozy was a perfect combination of saving the planet and looking fabulous! I'll save the world one starbucks Refresh tea at a time! :)

I made a pattern using the regular cardboard one I got from Starbucks this evening! I used two layers of fabric and one layer of batting for extra protection! I googled a few ideas and saw that some people used velcro, some snaps, some buttons! I liked the button idea -- so I went with that!

Here it is! How cute is that?? :)
I want to go to back to Starbucks right now -- just to use it!

I loved it so much -- I made several more! :)

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  1. LOVE THIS! That makes me wanna go to Starbucks!


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