Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sleep Tight Eye Mask!

We don't have curtains in our bedroom (we're moving so soon we didn't see the point) and every morning we are up with the sun!! ... which is very annoying -- especiallly since we've been staying up all night watching Lost episodes and really need the sleep!! haha.

So, I decided to try and make some sleep masks to keep the light out!!

The first try was pretty awful ... really awful actually. So awful I can't even post pictures .... but the second time around turned out much better! At least usable! :)

I found a great tutorial at Sew Mo and it was pretty simple. I'm sure I'll get better as I go ... I need to leave more room for the seam allowance and I should cover the elastic with pretty fabric but it definitely gets the job done!

I was home alone and couldn't get a good picture of the mask "in action" -- so I enlisted my trusty model, Niles! :) How Cute - he's all ready for bed!

And then I made one for George! :) The picture sort of makes the fabric look weird but I loooveee this fabric! I think it's so manly and preppy! :) It's such a great plaid! *I actually made Nelson a matching bib and burp cloth tonight with the same fabric - just beacuse I love it so much! :)

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