Saturday, January 9, 2010

Grin - It's 2010!!!! :)

Happy New Year!!! I can't believe it's already 2010!! (Do we just say '10? ... like, I graduated in '04 -- Nelson was born in '10?, how does that work?)

I know that I'm not that old - not old AT ALL actually but doesn't it feel like it was just 1995? I am completely a child of the 90's ... I feel like just yesterday I was riding the bus home from school in my (terrible) light wash denim wash jeans, listening to Backstreet boys on my cassette player, planning my days around the new episode of Saved by the bell, playing with my yo-yo and studying for my science test where Pluto was in fact an actual planet. Where does time go?? :)

Nevertheless, so far 2010 has been great!!!

We got all kinds of fun Christmas presents that we've been playing with and enjoying--- a new GPS (I should have bought one of these a year ago, they're amazing!), a Nintendo Wii, a new digital Nikon d3000 camera and a SEWING machine! :) George thinks I'm spoiled -- I think I'm blessed! :) Either way, we are so fortunate and we have 3 amazing families! (Nelson is going to be one lucky grandbaby!)

Update: We're still waiting on Nelson and still waitng on Orders ... I'll continue to keep you posted as we know more!! :)

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