Thursday, January 14, 2010

Headband Holder/Display

I loooveee Headbands! I have a hundred -- all different shapes, sizes and colors! The bigger the flower or design, the better! However -- they are just thrown around everywhere because I had no good way to store them. I tried a million different things but nothing was really working for me (have I mentioned yet that i'm pretty messy and always in a hurry!?). So the past few months I've been throwing them in a big cosmetic bag on the bathroom counter ... not exactly efficient. :)

So ... I spent the afternoon walking through Lowe's looking for something about 2 ft. tall and 6 in. wide. I finally found some random metal pipe that I thought would work just fine (I wanted PVC but they didn't have any that big at Lowe's). I bought some pillow cases on sale the other day and I looved the paisley pattern so I bought them -- figured I could use the fabric somehow!

So, here's my new headband display!!
It might just be my favorite project yet!

It looks great on the bathroom counter -- so clean and organized!! It also matches my Necklace Organizer and Earring Organizer that I made yesterday!


  1. Love the headband holder! I just made a display for all my flower clips I make...i used a cork board, covered it with fabric then stapled ribbon up and down and side,to side and my flowers and bows clip right to the ribbon. Organized and adorable!

  2. Cute!!! I am going to make one right now! By the way, cute headbands!

  3. Great idea! I have been looking for a good way to display headbands and I never thought to display them in this way. Thanks!


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