Saturday, January 9, 2010

Honeymoon? No! BabyMoon!!!

Warning: Sob Story: because of our "new jobs" and the craziness and short amount of time surrounding our wedding, (see 2009 Recap) George and I didn't get to take that long, relaxing, romantic honeymoon ... boo hoo, right?

Wrong! Instead, we've taken a LOT of wonderful "mini honeymoons"!! We spent a weekend in Port Aransas, TX on the beach, a weekend in Fredericksburg, TX at this amazing Hangar Hotel, several trips back to the East Coast (including Miami & Charleston), etc! Yes - one day we will have our caribbean 'honeymoon' in paradise ... but until then, these weekend trips have been an amazing escape from reality where we can really enjoy eachother and forget about our annoying jobs (which we are very thankful for!) and the dirty laundry!

So - what else would we do before the arrival of our sweet baby boy? Nothing other than a weekend getaway of course! :)


babymoon - noun. a planned period of calm spent together by parents before their baby arrives; (hence) a vacation or holiday taken by a pregnant woman and her partner.

That sounded amazing to us!!

So I googled some places not too far from San Antonio and booked the "treehouse" cabin in Vanderpool, Texas for the weekend! Vanderpool is a VERY small "town" (if you can even call it that) set in the Texas hills! The whole "town" is just a lot of private ranches (with landing strips for their airplanes -- not a bad set up!) and a beautiful (Lost Maples) State Park! It's the kind of small town where you can still ride and "park" your horse in front of the local "watering hole" (aka - bar!). We went hiking, cooked a romantic dinner for two by the fireplace, watched episodes of House & thouroughly enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere in the Texas Hill Country! It was money very well spent!

As excited as we are about Nelson's arrival (only 3-4 more weeks, YAYY!) -- I'm really going to miss my alone time with George! I recommend everyone take a babymoon -- before or AFTER baby arrives!!!

*Hiking at 35 weeks pregnant is much more difficult than I thought, haha!

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