Sunday, January 31, 2010

My first Pattern! GPS Cover

I am so proud of myself! YES -- sometimes you just need to toot your own horn! Tonight is one of those night's for me! I created my first project WITHOUT an online tutorial or pattern or stolen idea from someone else fantasticly more creative than myself ... I didn't use anything but my own brain! (I even created my own "pattern" so that in case it turned out, I could make it again!) I took my time and I measured and I pressed ... essentially, I combined all SIX of the things I've learned .... and my project turned out great! Not perfect .... but WAY better than I expected! :) YAY! I can't wait to use it!

So what was the project that I'm so excited about?


you weren't expecting something grand and extravagant were you? :) I'm not quite there yet!

and what's this cute little pouch for, you ask?

Have you figured it out yet?

It's a cute little pouch for my trusty Garmin .... whom I have named Gertrude - She's british and such a big help!!!

I know too many people who have had their GPS's stolen from their car ... so I always take mine with me! I normally just throw it in my purse -- until the other day I notcied it was starting to look a little "worn" (that is putting it nicely).

I needed a case to protect it! I googled tutorials for about an hour and couldn't find anything .... I wanted something small, cute and easy to access (when things are complicated to use, I don't use them!)

So ... I was going to have to make my own! I traced the garmin and then made a pattern - allowing for space and seam allowances and "hems"! Nothing fancy ... but I did use a ruler, haha! :)

Now I'm going to make some improvements ... and make one for my mom and sister and best friend! :) I think they would make such cute, practical gifts!

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