Sunday, January 31, 2010

Re-Purpose: Sweater to Pillow!

I had this maternity sweater laying around that was driving me crazy! 1. It was WAY too big and made me look like a cow and 2. t's not quite my style ... but I hate to throw nice clothing away! So ... I decided to use the material!

Here's the sweater .... can't you see how it would make someone look a little whaley?

A cute little pillow! I'm planning on giving it to my little sister-in-law beacuse it matches her new room -- but until I see her this week, I'm using it on the back of my sewing chair! It's super comfy and soft!

Even greater re-purposing? I used the filling that Niles tore up from his pillow I just made! Score!

Oh and notice that VERY VERY pepto bismal pink nighstand below? Well I found that today at Goodwill for $4.99 and couldn't pass it up! Don't worry - I know I'm not having a girl ... but with some paint the possibilites are endless. It was just too great to pass up (it still has the tags on it from Target!). That will be another project, another day.

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