Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Runner's Knees -- Ice Pack Pocket!

Besides the horrible sound that my sewing machine makes -- George loves all the stuff I create! :) He didn't think I was really going to stick with it, so he's very proud of me. But he still hates the sound. Haha!

Everyday he asks me to make him something ... he has a very long wish list - flannel pajamas, apron, etc! Everything on his list is super hard and time consuming- so I decided to make him something simple and practical!

He runs every day - and every day he ices his knee/leg when he's done. He uses a regular ziploc bag and its always falling off! So -- I created a pocket ice pack holder to hold the bag that wraps his around leg! :) A kitchen towel (red is his favorite color), a little measuring (to make the pocket the same size as the ziploc) and some velcro and that's it! :)

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