Sunday, January 31, 2010

The six things I've learned (about Sewing)

Nelson is due any day (he appears to be in NO hurry) and I can't sleep! AT ALL. That's why I'm up blogging and sewing at 3 am! We have church at 8, looks like I'm going to be tired all day again ... blah. Maybe this is God's way of preparing your body for no sleep after baby! God has a very odd (great) sense of humor -- I'd much rather be EXHAUSTED like I was the first trimester - where I could have fallen asleep standing up or sitting at the traffic light... that way I could sleep as much as possible BEFORE the little monkey gets here! :) But I guess He's just preparing me for the endless nights (or years!) or no sleep!

Oh well, I have learned that late at night is my favorite time to sew ... the house is so quiet! George is fast asleep (wearing his new sleep mask I made for him, yay!) and Niles is laying at my feet snoring even louder than George! haha. I'm not sure which sound is more soothing - my " brown boys" snoring or the sound of my sewing machine! I love them both!

I've been sewing about a month now ... give or take a few days ...  and here are SIX of the most important things I've learned ...

1. I try and do everything way too quickly ... I need to learn to take my time!

2. Patterns are great -- (Now if only I would follow them). I'm not talking about those COMPLICATED looking patterns you buy at the craft store with a million lines and measurements, etc ... I'm talking about the ones that people SO generously post on their blogs for newbies like me! :) I need to print them. and use them. They would really help!

3. The key to making the fabric look like it does in everyone's else pictures --- is ....  you have to press it. I guess that means I have to get the iron out of the closet where it's been hiding since my second week of marriage! :)

4. People are SO talented!! I have come across the most amazing blogs with the greatest tutorials and ideas-- these women really know what they are doing! Thanks so much for all the help and inspiration! (what did people do before the internet?)

5. I make a LOT of mistakes and I'm actually not that great a "seamstress" -- but I am DEFINITELY getting better! Every project is a little neater and more durable than the last. (I'm actually afraid to wash a few of those burp cloths from the first day, I'm not sure they will survive the wash cycle, haha!)

6. I'm having so much fun!!

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