Monday, January 25, 2010

Super Easy Dog Pillows (or Floor Pillows)

Niles is a pretty lucky dog -- he doesn't have to spend much time in his kennel since George or I are normally home (we work opposite schedules, boo)! But -- every now and then he has to "go to bed" and hang out in his HUGE kennel while we're gone! Sad I know .... but we've tried leaving him out and his freedom is not worth the trash he gets into and the things he destroys, lol. :)

Speaking of things he destroys -- dog beds! All that stuffing inside is WAY too tempting apparently ... so he's chews it all up! In case you don't have a dog -- dog beds are SUPER expensive! I bet we've spent over $100 on these stupid beds that don't even last a week around our destroyer of a puppy! :)

So ... I decided to make him one!!!!

I found this really cute towel on sale at Marshalls that said Good Dog! The brown was perfect so it wouldn't show his hair! YAY!

We had an old yucky bed pillow laying around and I just turned the towel into a "pillow case"! That's it - you have a comfy dog bed/pillow! So simple! and inexpensive! :)

Here it is!
Niles is still a little uneasy about this new addition to his bedroom ... he's not much for change, lol.

I just used a regular bath towel -- but if you bought the bigger beach towels, you could make them for floor pillows while watching TV or for a rocking chair, or just for kids! The possibilities are endless!

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