Friday, January 15, 2010

Time Zone Wall of Clocks!

George is a pilot, I love to travel, and we have family living ALL over the world. :) So we thought it would be really cute to make a "time zone wall of clocks" so we would know what time it was in those cities!! Ours is in the dining room (yeah, i wouldn't reccommend that - but when you live in a TINY one bedroom apartment, wall space is limited, haha!) but you could put it anywhere really. I was thinking today how it would be a great thing to have in a children's playroom or bedroom -- to keep them connected to family members that live far away or just to help them learn to tell time on several different fun colored clocks!

This time we just used a white/black color scheme and 4 of the same clocks from Ikea (supper inexpensive!) however I think when we move I will re-do this project with a collection of clocks from garage sales, thrift stores and make it more "child fun" for Nelson's room!

*Wondering why we picked the cities we did? George has a lot of family in Lebanon - so we picked Beirut. My dad is currently stationed in Kosovo (God Bless our Troops!) so we picked the capital Pristina. I spent a year of high school living in Switzerland - so Zurich was a must and of course -- I'm an East Coaster -- so we picked Miami! (Charleston and Washington, DC were too many letters, lol).


  1. I really admire this, I mean it really looks interesting! Very nice write up. Anyways, its a Great post.

  2. Love this!! Really love the idea about the thrift clocks though Ikea is GREAT!


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