Friday, January 22, 2010

Travel Changing Pad & Diaper Case

I've mentioned a million times that I'm sucker for anything that organizes and separates ... so as part of my "nesting/Nelson prepartions" I've decided to have a little bucket/bin/bag of diapers & changing supplies in EVERY place possible -- just in case! I like to be ready! :) So - I've got some in the the bedroom, the living room, the car, the diaper bag! That is a LOT of diapers - and a LOT of travel wipes! and of course - I have to make it look good! :) None of these white plastic huggie cases for me - haha!! I know, I know - all you experienced moms are laughing and thinking - honey, who cares what the case looks like -- just get that diaper changed! But ... for now --- until Nelson gets here (and while I have all this time and energy) -- it's all about style! :)

The first project in "Operation Diaper" was the tray for the changing table station in our bedroom! (see link)

The second project in "Operation Diaper" was a travel changing pad with a matching diaper case for the living room station! The changing pad is super soft minky on one side, cotton fabric on the other with a washable/absorbent multi-purpose pad in the middle to make it extra comfy! I attached some ribbon on the side so that I can roll it up and throw it in my bag if I need too!

The third part of "Operation Diaper" was the covered Huggies case for my diaper bag! The bag came with a coordinating Kate Spade changing pad so I just had to jazz up the Wipes Case (below) ! :) Easy as that!

The fourth part of "Operation Diaper" is a car caddy/organizer that is still under construction ... check tomorrow for pictures! :)

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