Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nelson Nelson Nelson!

"Every good gift and perfect gift is from above."
- James 1:6

My favorite!!
Hanging out with his big brother!

Such a cool dude! Wearing Oakley, just like his daddy!

Scrub a dub dub!


He wasn't a big fan of the Easter Bunny. I don't blame him, haha!

Aunt Lane!

@ Lauren and Travis' Wedding! :)

Kick Kick Kick! His new activity gym!

Chivalry is Dead ...

Chivalry is dead ... well, at least in small town North Carolina. (or perhaps all the chivalrous men are locked away at OCS with George!) Either way - I was in route to SC - a car packed full of stuff,  a newborn and a big puppy ... Nelson started screaming and needed to eat. Me, being the multi-tasker that I am, decided to stop at Applebee's (the only restaurant in town) so that I could feed him and myself at the same time! :)

Let me start by describing the scene ... I open the double doors to the restaurant -- everyone STARES! I'm sure my screaming newborn had something to do with it, haha! :) It was 4:30 in the afternoon and the bar was FULL! (I guess it was 5 o'clock somewhere?) I sit down as quickly as possible and pull out my nursing cover and begin feeding Nelson. BTW - Nursing covers are amazing!! If you didn't know what i was doing, you would think I just had HORRIBLE taste in shawls - haha! The very flamboyant waiter approaches my table and I apologize for Nelson's screaming and place my order. His response "oh girl, it's ok - my momma had 5 babies on her breast!". Haha. Priceless. So besides the stares - dinner was pretty uneventful. It's after dinner that the chaos began....

I go back to the car, let Niles out to use the restroom and walk around, strap Nelson in and we're ready to take off. Only problem is ... the car won't start. CRAP. I must have left the lights on. So the next scene plays out like this ...

Step 1. I panic - and then I remember I have triple A. Whew.

Step 2. I call them - they tell me its a 2 hour wait. I mean seriously - how many people have dead batteries in this podunk town? Apparently quite a few.

Step 3. I cry.

Step 4. I take Nelson back out of the car seat and ask these two big burly mountain looking men if they could help me jump my car .... now remember I have a newborn baby in my hands and tears running down my face. They say no - they don't know how! Really? They don't know how? See, dead. Chivalry is dead. They certainly weren't my knights in shining armor!

Step 5. I go into the restaurant and ask the hostess if one of the guys in the back could help me ... Strike Two. They didnt know how either. I think they were just lazy...

Step 6. I cry some more. At this point I'm thinking "George, you were right". (which i don't say often, haha).  I should have listened more closely when he tried to teach me how to change oil, fix tires and jump batteries.

Step 7: A waitress pulls up in her huge TRUCK and asks if she can help me! She whips out the jumper cables - hooks them up and presto!! We're on the road again!! :) My knight in shining armor was a lesbian woman with a truck! :) Perfect.

Tucked away in the laundry room! :)

I was doing laundry yesterday afternoon at my dad's house when I looked up on the shelf and saw something wonderful!! It was discreetly tucked away behind the detergent. I was SO excited! What got me so excited you ask? :) A SEWING MACHINE!! A very old, yet fully functional Kenmore -- just sitting there waiting to be used!! :) So I ran to the fabric store right then! It felt good to be back! :) There is something wonderful about a fabric store - all the color and texture and creative people!!

With Easter around the corner, I decided to make some Easter gifts for my Step Brother & Sister! Lilly is 5 and loves Hannah Montana and she just re-did her VERY purple"big girl" room - so she got a Hannah Montana pillow! Alex is 4 and all about Sponge Bob - so that's his :) They are nothing fancy, but it was so fun to get back into sewing!!

Don't worry -- they aren't just gettig pillows, haha! I filled lots of easter eggs with candy and even some dollar bills! :)

I've decided when we get our house in Florida -- I want to make our bedroom bedding - well some of it! I want to get a white duvet cover (or maybe light light blue) and make lots of fun, funky pillows and matching curtains ! Amy Butler has some amazing fabric that I lllooovvee!! I want to mix stripes, patterns, solids - I'm thinking "Maine Cottage" -- reds, blues, whites, maybe some yellow! Hurry up and graduate George -  I have a house to decorate! haha!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh the places you'll go - 6 week recap!

So - I haven't written in six weeks -- but I have a GREAT excuse!! Six weeks ago I delivered the most beautiful baby boy -- I can't believe how fast the time has gone!

 I'm pretty sure Nelson has done MORE in 6 weeks than any baby around! :) Let's recap ....

We got George's Final Select Letter from the Navy the DAY Nelson was born!! Exciting? Yes. Terrifying? Even more. That meant he was leaving us on March 7th for 12 weeks of training!We enjoyed every bit of our first month together as a family!!

 Daddy and Son bonding time!

February 16th - Nelson was 2 weeks old and we completely packed up our apartment - steam cleaned the carpets, scrubbed the floor and put EVERYTHING in storage -- all while carrying Nelson around! He's not much for self entertainment, haha! Oh yeah - and George swore in to the US NAVY!!

March 2nd - we started The great Abuzeid Road Trip!! George was the Pilot, Niles (our 95 lb dog) rode shot gun and Nelson and I sat in the back seat! Did I mention that I have a TINY Honda Civic and Nelson was only 3 weeks old!

We somehow managed to fit enough clothes for Nelson & I for 3 months, a Graco Travel Crib, a HUGE stroller, carseat, all of Niles' food and toys, etc etc etc! We literally could not have fit ONE more thing! Don't believe me? Have a look -- this is how the backseat looked for 1800+ miles and 3 days! We are DEFINITELY getting a mini-van!!!!

March 6th - I drove George to the airport and he was off to Rhode Island! :( Saying goodbye was much harder than I thought  ...

March 6th - 22nd : I spent my days taking care of Nelson, worrying about George, crying at the drop of a hat and checking the mail everyday just praying that I had a letter! :) 

And that brings us up to date - so I'm back!! I've officially mastered the art of one-handed typing while I hold and/or feed Nelson! Unfortunately I don't have my sewing machine (it's in storage - along with EVERYTHING else I own) so I can only dream of my fun crafty projects!!
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