Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh the places you'll go - 6 week recap!

So - I haven't written in six weeks -- but I have a GREAT excuse!! Six weeks ago I delivered the most beautiful baby boy -- I can't believe how fast the time has gone!

 I'm pretty sure Nelson has done MORE in 6 weeks than any baby around! :) Let's recap ....

We got George's Final Select Letter from the Navy the DAY Nelson was born!! Exciting? Yes. Terrifying? Even more. That meant he was leaving us on March 7th for 12 weeks of training!We enjoyed every bit of our first month together as a family!!

 Daddy and Son bonding time!

February 16th - Nelson was 2 weeks old and we completely packed up our apartment - steam cleaned the carpets, scrubbed the floor and put EVERYTHING in storage -- all while carrying Nelson around! He's not much for self entertainment, haha! Oh yeah - and George swore in to the US NAVY!!

March 2nd - we started The great Abuzeid Road Trip!! George was the Pilot, Niles (our 95 lb dog) rode shot gun and Nelson and I sat in the back seat! Did I mention that I have a TINY Honda Civic and Nelson was only 3 weeks old!

We somehow managed to fit enough clothes for Nelson & I for 3 months, a Graco Travel Crib, a HUGE stroller, carseat, all of Niles' food and toys, etc etc etc! We literally could not have fit ONE more thing! Don't believe me? Have a look -- this is how the backseat looked for 1800+ miles and 3 days! We are DEFINITELY getting a mini-van!!!!

March 6th - I drove George to the airport and he was off to Rhode Island! :( Saying goodbye was much harder than I thought  ...

March 6th - 22nd : I spent my days taking care of Nelson, worrying about George, crying at the drop of a hat and checking the mail everyday just praying that I had a letter! :) 

And that brings us up to date - so I'm back!! I've officially mastered the art of one-handed typing while I hold and/or feed Nelson! Unfortunately I don't have my sewing machine (it's in storage - along with EVERYTHING else I own) so I can only dream of my fun crafty projects!!

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  1. YAY!! Welcome back and definitely get a larger car. Especially with all the moving you will be doing in the next couple years!


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