Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tucked away in the laundry room! :)

I was doing laundry yesterday afternoon at my dad's house when I looked up on the shelf and saw something wonderful!! It was discreetly tucked away behind the detergent. I was SO excited! What got me so excited you ask? :) A SEWING MACHINE!! A very old, yet fully functional Kenmore -- just sitting there waiting to be used!! :) So I ran to the fabric store right then! It felt good to be back! :) There is something wonderful about a fabric store - all the color and texture and creative people!!

With Easter around the corner, I decided to make some Easter gifts for my Step Brother & Sister! Lilly is 5 and loves Hannah Montana and she just re-did her VERY purple"big girl" room - so she got a Hannah Montana pillow! Alex is 4 and all about Sponge Bob - so that's his :) They are nothing fancy, but it was so fun to get back into sewing!!

Don't worry -- they aren't just gettig pillows, haha! I filled lots of easter eggs with candy and even some dollar bills! :)

I've decided when we get our house in Florida -- I want to make our bedroom bedding - well some of it! I want to get a white duvet cover (or maybe light light blue) and make lots of fun, funky pillows and matching curtains ! Amy Butler has some amazing fabric that I lllooovvee!! I want to mix stripes, patterns, solids - I'm thinking "Maine Cottage" -- reds, blues, whites, maybe some yellow! Hurry up and graduate George -  I have a house to decorate! haha!

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