Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Breaking the Bank!

Confession: I am obsessed with HGTV!
(pearls, HGTV and a million other things but I'm sure I will blog on those later)

BUT ... HGTV is breaking my bank!
Every show I watch -- I just want EVERYTHING!

I want a designer kitchen fit for Southern Living.
I'm picturing beautiful white cabinets, a glass backsplash, granite island.
I want a modern, simplistic perfect living area with sharp lines.
I want a collage of picture frames everywhere.
Fabulous Curtains.
I want a color scheme of red, ivory and light blue.
I just want it all!!

Well - unfortunately, my bank account can't handle "everything".
I'm supposed to "live within my means".
What does that even mean, anyways??

Well, according to CNN Money,
it means "not buying stuff you can't afford".
Simple enough! Credit Cards are BBAADD! I know that.
But what if I CAN afford it - but don't really need it and should save instead?
Yeah ... see .... that's my problem!!!!
Savings Smavings! :(

"I like my money right where I can see it - hanging in my closet!"

My husband thinks we should "live below our means".
To that I say - slow down over acheiver ...
I'm still adjusting to the first part, haha! :)

The reason for this post??
We are house hunting in Pensacola ....
and we are discussing the options of
 living below our means,
within our means and
 above our means!

I think we're going to play it smart/safe this time around! :)
It's a starter home ... we're a starter family!
It's a perfect fit!!

Looks like I'll just have to make it adorable with all my craft projects!!
I'll finally get to make all the great things in my "oneday someday" folder!!

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