Monday, May 10, 2010

My Crush ...

This is him!
Isn't he handsome!?

He's been away since March 7th ...
Kicking butt at Officer Candidate School.

 Our countdown started with 90 days ... 
 we are down to 17 days!! 

So that handsome boy, second from the left, that's George! :)

and come on ... 
17 days is sooo do-able!!!
or is it??

Some weeks seemed to drag on for years, other weeks flew by, and now ... well now i'm in a purgatory of sorts ... I feel this sense of complete amazement & excitement that I get to see him in 2.5 weeks - combined with a severe impatience because we still have 17 days left!! 
Seriously - its been FOREVER!! 
I miss him. I need him. I love him.

But at least now he has his cell phone -
so we can chat like we did when we were dating!!
Thus - I have a new crush on my husband!
but - luckily for him, life is getting a little better up there!!

Some highlights:
- They get to eat with FORKS! 
(The first 9 weeks they could only use a spoon)

   "We had lambchops for Easter ... try eating that with a spoon".

- They can have coffee, sweets, go to the bathroom without escorts, put salad dressing on their salad and yell at the new guys :) 

This is by far the best privilege! I missed his voice!

In 14 days, I will be packing the car and heading to Newport!
 I can't WAIT to see him in his dress uniform! 
I get a little teary eyed just thinking about his first salute as a commissioned Naval Officer!!

I'm already a proud Navy Wife.
and George's biggest fan!

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