Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One handed wonder!

Some may say that Nelson is a little spoiled.
But I don't like that word.

"they" swear you can't spoil a baby!
(not sure who "they" is)

but I prefer to think that ...  
1. He's just so smart he knows EXACTLY what he wants!
(and he wants it RIGHT THEN!!)

2. He has very "high expectations" of people. :)

Either way -- spoiled or not, the boy LOVVESS to be held!
All the time!
(which i don't mind because he's SOO cuddly and cute
but sometimes a girl's gotta get stuff done!)

Therefore, I have mastered the art of
doing everything with one hand! 

and i mean everything ...

loading/unloading the dishwasher,
switching laundry (folding is still a bit challenging!),
other miscellaneous cleaning tasks,
eating (cutting a steak with one hand is tough!) 
and even clothes shopping!
(you try buttoning your pants with one hand)
It's not as easy as it sounds!!

It's amazing the things motherhood teaches you!
Who knew I was such a one-handed whiz?

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