Sunday, May 9, 2010

Make your own CORNHOLE!!

My little Sister Lane graduated (with honors!) from the College of Charleston on Saturday! 
Congrats Lane! 
(Lane & I at her graduation party!)

What's the perfect preppy gift for the party sister??

I wanted to get her something special (and unique) for graduation - something that she would actually use!! For those of you who don't know Lane - she's awesome, she LOVES summer, being outside and having fun! 

Cornhole would be perfect!!

 I went to go buy her one and they were $200!!! (Not that she isn't worth $200 - she is ... but we are about to move and I'm saving all my money for decorating - I've see lots of fabric and paint in my future. My "oneday someday" file on the computer is getting ridiculously long)  So I started googling instructions for DIY Cornhole games and headed to Lowe's!! I mean - how hard can it be? right? wrong ...

I had them cut all the wood the right size for me. They have that amazing HUGE saw that makes everything so perfect! :) It was definitely worth waiting for an HOUR in the heat for that part! Then I headed home to stain the pieces! I opted for stain rather than paint - but you could paint them as well! 

Once the stain dried, I pulled out the instructions to get started. For some reason it looked way more complicated once all the pieces (carriage bolts, flat washers, etc) were in front of me! So I called my uncle and he GRACIOUSLY enlisted his services, sweat, man-power and pick-up Truck!  

One hour later -- we had this ....

Then I added her monogram (every good southern graduation gift includes a monogram) and made some matching Cornhole Bean Bags out of Duck Cloth! 

VOILA - she's ready for summer!! 

She will certainly be the life of the party!! 

Some things I learned ...

1. I'm not quite the carpenter I hope to be (or assumed I was)!
2. Staining wood is HARD - and MESSY!
3. Patience is not my greatest quality.
4. Nelson isn't much for sharing my attention with projects that don't benefit him. :)

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  1. Love this! What a great idea to make the game, you are a swell sister!

    Smiles at you!


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