Monday, May 10, 2010

The Unplanned Planner.

I'm a planner. 
I love lists. 
I lose lists. 
Then I make new lists.

I make plans.
Then I change plans.
Then I make new plans.

I can't live without my calender.
But when something changes - 
I have to make a new one.
Because I like it to stay neat and "accurate".

Yes, this makes me crazy.
I've accepted it! You should too.

The Navy isn't much for planning.
George graduates on May 28th ... yes, like in 17 days!!

What are we doing after?
Well - we are moving to Florida.
Penscaola to be exact.
We think.

We don't have official orders yet.
Apparently that is pretty common!
We may not get them until May 28th ... 
and then we may only have 4 days to get there.

So the ... Where? When? How? 
Who? What?

All those things are unknown .... 

But, I do have ...
  • '9 houses that are for rent' list.
  • a "logistics of getting a newborn, a dog, 2 lovebirds (that's George & I) and all our 'junk' (including $3000 worth of Navy uniforms) to Florida" list.
  • a "logistics of getting all of our furniture, clothes, CAR from Texas to Florida" list.
  • a "how to convince George we need a bigger car pros/cons" list.
  • a "oneday someday craft idea" folder that is about to pop!
and I have this intense NEED to feel in control and plan.

I think this is God's way of telling me to take a chill pill

So, now I'm going to turn off the TV (goodbye for now HGTV), crank up some Bob Marley ("every little things gonna be alright" seems appropriate) and snuggle with my sweet little baby! 

because no matter what happens or where I am ... 
I have a wonderful husband, a beautiful healthy baby boy
and a very supportive family! 
I'm a very lucky, loved preppy lady.

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  1. :) This post just made me smile. I'm the exact same way. I make lists and lose them all the time. I feel like I need it to be written down or I'll forget and then I lose it and semi-forget anyway. I also know first hand how the Navy does not like to cooperate with my "need-to-have-a-plan" way of life.


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