Monday, June 28, 2010

DIY: Reupholster Breakfast Chairs

We moved into our rental house on June 5th.
and almost one month later,
 we still don't have ANY of our furniture!
(the Navy movers are SLOW!!
UUUGGGGHHHH, seriously slow.)

So we needed a few key items!
A bed & a table! :)
So, where do you find all these things??
On a budget!?
Craigslist, of course!

I searched long and hard
and finally found this beauty ...
George wanted Glass.
But I didn't want too modern.
This was perfect.
It was traditional, yet funky. and fun.
Just what we wanted!

Only problem --
the seat cushions were in bad shape.
Like Clear Duct tape bad shape.

They just needed a little TLC!

I purchased some Waverly fabric from JoAnns,
a staple gun & screwdriver from Walmart
and got started!!

It was SOOOO easy!!
and SO fun!!
I just want to reupholster everything now!!

Here's the finished product!

Good bye Clear Tape!
Hello, Handsome!

The picture is awful but I love the fabric!
It's green, yellow and cream striped!

I'm envisioning a delightful lemon/lime centerpiece!

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