Saturday, July 31, 2010

Being Mommy: Baby Weight

Wooo Hooo.
I hit the wedding weight!!!!!
and since Nelson was a "honeymoon surprise", ;)
that means the pre-baby weight.
YAYYYYYY (x 10 million)
That. only. took. SIIIXXXX. months!

Now, don't be too jealous or excited ...

1. I didn't diet for my wedding ... I didn't want Tarzan to have unrealistic expectations of what the future would hold. :) I like to keep it real. AKA I like fast food & candy bars & wine more than I care about my bikini bod. You gotta live a little, right? Plus, Bikini season is only a few months ...  

2. The number is technically the same - but boy is it hanging out in different places. It's definitely distributed a lot differently these days. but hey - I'll take what I can get.

3. I've got 6 more pounds until my goal weight ... and for the life of me, I just can't figure out why they aren't coming off?

Maybe it's because I eat ice cream & cookies everyday (literally - this is no exaggeration - sometimes multiple - don't judge!) and the only exercise I get comes from sanding old furniture (hard work!), carrying Nelson's car seat (he's chunky!) and mopping the floors (we have a dog, it gets dirty!).

Yeah, maybe that's my problem.

Oh well. I'll start dieting on Monday.

It's always "on Monday". :)
Then Monday comes.
and goes.
and nothing changes.
But for real - this week will be the week.

First Yard Sale!!

So I'm officially having my first yard sale!! (Literally, RIGHT NOW)

But I'm a nerd. a little ADD. so while I have a little "break" between the early birds & the late starters AND more importantly a break from monkey man (Tarzan has him for the morning ... I think they have a Man's Day plan of Terminator & Iron Man), I thought I'd do a little blogging and a lot of craft blog surfing. Sounds perfect, right?

Only thing that would make this better would be an ice cold diet coke.


ok. Pop the top. AHHHHHHHHH. :) Much Better.

*Don't worry, I know it's bad for me ... but I love it. I need it. It's my weakness. That and Chocolate chip cookies. I simply can't turn them down. Even if I've already had seven two earlier in the day.

Together? absolutely delicious!

Anyways -- we unpacked (the things that didn't get lost ... see story here!) and had WAY too much stuff!! and I want to redecorate the house -- mainly the living room, I'm thinking Nautical - simple. cozy... I need a new rug, new lamps, new artwork - which aren't really in my budget right now (you know, we're doing boring ... i mean, grown up things like paying off debt & making double payments) ...

so I thought - why not have a yard sale??
I mean, Everyone is doing it. :)

I mean, I looovee to go to yard sales. I love them.
It's all about the hunt. :)
So why wouldn't people want to come to mine??
I have good junk. I mean, great treasures.

One person's trash is another person's treasure? Right.
Isn't that why I have to two terrible looking dressers /chairs on my front porch that need re-sanding and a little TLC. or a garage full of ugly pictures in GREAT frames?
So - I bought some signs, organized my "junk" treasures and here I am .... sitting outside blogging, amongst all my junk treasures that other people are loving! :) and buying! YAY!! Money in my pocket. That I'm hiding from my husband. :)

Tarzan suggested we go on a date with the money ... how sweet is he?
But HELLLOOOO ... doesn't he know this is my DECORATING money? You can't mess with that. It's a sin. A girl has GOOTTT to decorate her nest ... it's a must. simple as that. :)

P.S. If you're in the area - you should definitely hit up my future garage sales. Almost everything is $1.00 or less. I price to sell. :) Also - I'm not very good at saying no ... so, if you say "can I have this for a .25?". Chances are, you'll get it. Even if the price tag does say $4.00. :)

I mean, if you don't buy it - I just have to haul it all to Goodwill.

Which I will do -- Absolutely. I love giving ... but, man - that stuff is heavy!!!!! and Tarzan is still recovering from oral surgery, so he's pretty useless right now! He can't entertain Nelson and help pack up the car .... men just can't multi-task.

I mean, it's not like this morning I changed a diaper, while I priced the items for my garage sale, ate a Toaster Strudel (don't judge) and checked my e-mail.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Being Mommy: To schedule ....

Or not to schedule?
That is the question.

and the question I go back and forth on about every 2 hours, or anytime that nap time rolls around and monkey man is STILL awake.

I'm very torn. I've read numerous books and done hours of research on the needs of your baby, scheduling vs. demand feeding, etc.

Basically - the main consensus is - you know your baby.
You do what works for you.

Talk about pressure.

I do know my baby. He's the sweetest, happiest, loving, well-adjusted monkey on the block ... until that dreaded nap time hits. And then I have a fussy, cranky, screaming baby that won't fall asleep, hates the crib, gets overtired and generally is miserable.

and that my friends ... is not good for him.
or me.

So - what's a mom to do?
1. ASK other moms, of course.

My mom, my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law, my friends with babies, bloggers, people at church, everyone!

And basically what I've learned is that EVERYONE did it differently and their way worked perfectly.
for them.

2. Read/Research.
I read a gazillion different books, papers, blogs, etc and came to the conclusion that there are two main approaches when it comes to 'scheduling'.

The first type is called Attachment Parenting (or AP). AP essentially says that your baby knows what his needs are and communicates them to you. Therefore, they support "on demand" eating and sleeping, as well as co-sleeping, baby wearing and extended breastfeeding. AP states that although it is possible to spoil a child, it is NOT possible to spoil a baby and their cries are not manipulations but rather needs. AP also discourages Cry it out (CIO), but rather rocking/soothing your baby to sleep.

The second method is BabyWise (BW). Babywise basically states that the mother knows what is best for her baby and needs to take control, so as to not be manipulated by the baby. Feed on a schedule, sleep on a schedule, etc. This method focuses on a few bad "Cry It Out" nights and then you have a well-adjusted, scheduled, HAPPY baby.


Here's when being a mom gets hard.

Both methods are backed up by doctors, nurses and parents that SWEAR their way is the only way and adamantly insist the other way doesn't work and/or is harmful to your baby.

So what's a mom to do???

I just want to do what's best for monkey man. 
 and myself.

I like SOME aspects of both,
so I'm creating a hybrid method. :)

I like to go out and about during the day, try new things, hunt for bargains at the local thrift store, meet my husband for lunch - and I don't want to be tied down to a "day time" nap schedule. Plus, Nelson naps much better in the carseat, haha. So - I've decided to stick with on demand feeding and sleeping during the day. He naps well and it's working for us. Why change what works, right?

We are however going to increase the length of time between feedings from 2 hours to 3 hours. The little piglet LOOVVEESS to eat - but every 2 hours is crazy! He's still on his 3 week old schedule!

However - my dilemma comes at bed time! This is where I'm torn. I don't really believe in letting him cry it out. I know, this subject gets touchy. It's a personal choice. It's just like the spanking issue. Some do. Some don't. and people are passionate about their choice.

I mean, I'm not unrealistic, he cries. Holy Moly - does he cry! If I'm in the shower and he's crying - he will just have to wait until I finish, I need a shower! If I'm in the garage painting and don't hear him until I come back insider, well there isn't much I can do about that. BUT. I refuse to let him scream, while I'm just sitting on the couch listening. Why put him through that? Why put ME through that? That breaks my heart! :(

So - I've decided on this. We are going to establish a bedtime routine and it will go like this. Bath. Books. Nurse. Rocking. Lay him in bed with pacifier. If he begins to cry when I leave, I'll go back in - give him his pacifier and rub his back and face! I'm not going to pick him up, because he needs to learn to fall asleep on his own BUT I'm not going to let him scream himself to sleep either. This kid has a TEMMPPEERR - he would scream for 2 hours. haha. When he wakes up in the middle of the night for feeding, I'll quietly feed him, no talking, no playing and straight back in the crib.

Now, I know. Many of you disagree or you think it's stupid or harmful or your way is better... and it may be. BUT I'm doing the best thing for Nelson and myself. at least I hope I am.

oh, and if Mamma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

Being Mommy: Starting Solids!

Since this blog is called "Diary of a Preppy Mom" -
I figured I better start posting some "mom stuff" ...
or change the name.

Maybe "Diary of a Preppy Crafter"?
But I don't know how to do that,
and that doesn't sound as nice ---
so mom posts it is!

Monkey Man will be 6 months old next week and we have yet to really start solid food. Some of you are gasping. (What? He's almost 6 months old and NO solid food?). Don't worry - I promise it's ok.

The American Association of Pediatrics actually says that you don't have to do ANY solids if the child is nursing for the first year.

"At the start of the 20th century, American physicians recommended no solids before 12 months. Currently, the AAP recommends somewhere during the second half of the first year (between 6 and 12 months). Most pediatricians interpret that as beginning solids at 6 months."

Well, my goal was 6 months of strictly breastfeeding and we've almost made it. But - last week I caved. I really do believe that your baby can tell you when they are ready. And Nelson is ready. There isn't a spoon, fork, fruit, cup or the likes that he doesn't try and grab. 

At first I thought maybe he was just interested in the shiny spoon. So I gave him one to play with. Well, that lasted about 20 seconds and then he was SCREAMING bloody murder because nothing was on it. :)

So - we've started with fruits! Not regularly -- and not every day but occasionally - when we're just sitting around, or while we're eating, or while I'm shopping @ Hobby Lobby/Goodwill and he's being really fussy - haha..

So far we've tried strawberries, blueberries, bananas, avocados, peaches, pears & mangos.

I've decided to not use baby food (reasons coming in another post!), but rather use the fruit we have at home! We have one of those sassy sacks - so that he can't swallow big chunks and I'm currently on the Babies R Us website looking at Food Processors.

Without a doubt, Mango is the favorite. Definitely.
The kid goes crazy over it!!
Just like his dad.

There are few things in life that Tarzan likes more than a Miami Mango. (We actually have 10 sitting on the counter right now that his mom brought from Miami today!) Never had a Miami mango? Taste one ... they are amazing - and you can just grab them straight off a tree. Or your neighbors tree, if you already ate all yours. haha. :)

Anyways, I'll keep you posted on Monkey Man's eating adventures! I'm really looking forward to slowly introducing new foods - healthy, organic foods! :) I'm NOT looking forward to the new messes ... in the clothes & in the diaper. haha!!

"The most important things in life ...

aren't really things at all."

I've had to repeat that quote over
and over.
and over.
and over.

The movers dropped off our things last Monday,
and we are missing SOO much.

ALL of our kitchen stuff.
Blenders, Coffee Maker, Toaster,
Wine Glasses, Beer Mugs, Food Processor.
My laptop with all my pictures.

I think I'm MOST bummed about this box!

I have a list 10 pages long of "sewing projects".
A new sewing machine is not in the budget right now,
so it looks like the list will keep growing! :(

BUT ...
 they are all just things.
and in the grand scheme of things,
not that important.

At least I have my family & friends.
and my health.
and a roof over my head.
I'm blessed.

BUT ...  
for a moment,
just one moment.
I want to pout.
and complain.

stupid military movers.
never again will we use them.
ok. I'm done now.
Thanks for letting me vent.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Smiles!

Happy Monday!!!
Have you smiled today??

It is a VERY happy Monday indeed.
The movers will be here by 5 with ALL our stuff!
Oh, it's been a LONG 2 months!!!
No crafting for me for the next WEEK
while I unpack ... but YAYYYY,
I get my sewing machine back!!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekend Recap!

First Family Trip to the Zoo!
It was an hour away in Gulf Shores, Al.
It's called "The little Zoo that Could".
It was so cute, little, and well maintained.
(Not to mention - it was 2 blocks from great restaurants
and BEAUTIFUL beaches!)

Nelson was more into the other kids than the animals.
George said "he doesn't need to go to the zoo,
he needs to go to go to day care." Haha.
But we had a great time together!

This was the view on the drive home ...

and this was my view from the back seat...

How precious is he?

Then Friday night we met up with friends
at Pensacola Beach for Island Music
and some dinner & drinks @ sunset!

haha! ;)

I went to the BEST garage sale EVER.
I will have to take pictures of EVERYTHING
I found. I spent a whopping $16.00.
I was in HEAVEN. Seriously, just wait until you see.
My project list just got 10000000x longer.

and then daddy & Nelson went jogging,
so I could get some house cleaning done. :)

Tomorrow's church & the beach.
The weekends go by too fast!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Smiles!

This little Monkey Man will steal your heart!
slobber and all ...

Key Holder

So what's a girl to do with a random
wooden board from Goodwill?

Turn it into a new key holder
for the front door, of course! :)

I think it's pretty darn cute.
and it fits my CPA Criteria.

Cute? Check.
Just look at it! :)

Practical? Absolutely!
That bad boy holds A LOT of keys!

Affordable? A steal!
The whole thing cost less than $2.00!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

As for me and my house ...

We will serve the Lord!

I was talking with my wonderful husband last night
and we began discussing the events of the past 4 months.
The hectic sleepless amazing days after Nelson was born,
the cross-country drive with a newborn,
the 12 looonngg weeks while he was at OCS,
and the crazy move to Florida with no furniture.

There were ups and there were downs.
There was happiness, sadness, craziness & laughing!

While at OCS - George got bronchittis, tendinitis, the flu, and inflammation in his knees.
He was beyond exhausted - mentally and physically.
He wanted nothing more than to be home with Nelson
(and me, of course!)

And during those times ...
we realized that George wasn't doing this on his own.
God was at OCS too, with George.
He gave George strength when he needed that extra push.
Encouragement when he wanted to quit.
Energy to run when he could barely walk.

BUT - you know what's amazing??

God was with me too!
Blessing me with a positive attitude when I wanted to be negative,
giving me the heart I needed to stay strong.
giving me the energy to go days without sleep
while caring for Nelson without him.
(My mom helped so much! God Bless Her!)

and you know what else?
HE was with BOTH of us!
OCS was so wonderful for our marriage.
It made us go back to "talking" -
we realized just how much we mean to eachother.
Not that we had forgotten --
but it was a wonderful reminder
to be thankful for each other.
To appreciate one another.

"I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me."
Philippians 4:13

My Craft Room: Bulletin Board & Magnet Board

Yup, you read right!
I have a craft room!!!

Well, half a craft room!
The other half is Tarzan's Man Room!
He doesn't have antlers ... he has airplanes.
He has airplanes and books.
I have fabric, ribbon & buttons.
A match made in heaven if you ask me!

But I'm sooo excited about my half of the room!!
I keep googling "craft rooms" for ideas,
and there are soo many wonderful rooms!
I want them all!!

but ... one step at a time!!
slowly & steady wins the race!
(have I mentioned before I want it all.
and I want it now. It's a problem)

Here's the first thing I've completed ...

A Bulletin Board & Magnet Board!
To hold all my "inspirations" and photos :)

I found the Bulletin Board at Goodwill,
and just spruced it up with paint & fabric!

The Magnet Board is a piece of
Sheet Metal covered with fabric!

Easy peesy.

I'm not crazy about the fabric/colors,
but they match my new desk perfectly.
So, what's a girl to do? :)

Pictures of the Desk Makeover coming soon.

Re-purposed: Rain Gutters turned Bookshelfs

I saw this picture last night,
while I was blog browsing
and thought what a GREAT idea!

Those are rain gutters!!!
and they are bookshelves!!
(The How-To-Tutorial is here)

Of course I had to try to make some
for Nelson's nursery!
What a clever clever idea!

So, A Sunday afternoon trip to Lowe's,
$22 dollars gone,
and an hour of my time later,
I had rain gutter bookshelves!

Aren't they adorable?
I love them!!

Once Monkey Man is a little older,
I'm going to put up more!

I have some extra that
I will be putting in the Craft Room!
(pictures of that room coming soon!)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Ride ...

I've been complaining the past 5 months
that we needed a BIGGER CAR!
A "family Car".

We road trip alot.
I pack A LOT.
We have a baby.
a Monster of a stroller.
and a Horse of a dog.
The Civic just wasn't cutting it.

My husband is great.
God is good.
and I am very blessed!

So monkey man & I have a new ride!
It's a 2010 Honda CR-V
and we love it! :)

(That clearly isn't OUR car ... just what it looks like.
I'm too lazy to go outside and take a real picture right now!)

Oh, that sweet smell of new car!

God Bless Texas!

We had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! :)
Celebrating in San Antonio,
BBQ'ing with Friends & Family,
eating at our Favorite Restaurants,
and buying a new car!!!!!

Re-purposed: Cabinet Door turned Chalkboard List

I went to the Habitat Restore yesterday
and picked up an old cabinet door
and an old window shutter.

I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them,
but they cost me $3.00 total -
so I figured I could come up something!

Here's my re-purposed Cabinet Door.
(Shutter Project Coming Soon)

It's now a chalkboard in the kitchen!
For Grocery lists and "honey-do"s! :)

Here's a close-up.
I distressed the edges for added "character"!

I love it.
Chalk Board Paint is my new BFF.

holy headache ...

Dang you paint fumes ...

It's midnight.
on a Friday night.
I'm tired,
my head is pounding,
and my hands are covered in paint.
It was all worth it.

Tarzan & Little Monkey Man passed out EARLY
so I took advantage of the quiet,
to do some crafting!
Oh, how I long for "Whitney-time!".
An hour here, 30 minutes there.
I cherish it.
(Now if only I had time for a Pedicure!!)

Welp, tonight I got TWO HOURS!!!!
Thank you God! :)
So -- what did I do?
NO WAY! :)
You betcha!

Some things I did ...

- Attached new knob to my new crafting desk
- Finished Painting new Entertainment Center
- Re-attached hardware for new EC
- Primed a few random Goodwill finds
- Re-purposed a Kitchen Cabinet Door  :)
(details for that coming later)
- Painted Message Board for my "Craft Corner"
- Drank a nice cold Diet Coke! :)
- Snuck some chocolate chip cookie ice cream
- Rocked baby back to sleep
(I wish I could find a way to keep that Paci in!)
- Fed the Dogs.
- Cleaned up my mess! :) sort of.

Can you say multi-tasker?
Pictures/Posts of all my projects coming soon!

But for now - I'm off to bed.
Monkey Man will be waking up any minute now.

and what do I cherish more than "me time"?

It's way too quiet around here!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Freedom isn't Free...

Happy 4th of July!!!
(a few days early!)

We're off to Texas for the weekend,
to spend some time with Tarzan's family!
(and I'm getting my sewing machine out of storage!!! YAY!!)
I come from a loonng family history of Military
and I married into a very active Military Family.
My great-grandfather fought in WWII.
Both of my grandfathers served in the Marines.
My father is an officer in the Army.
My husband is a Naval Officer.
My Uncle is a Marine Officer.
My sister-in-law is an Army Doctor.
My brother-in-law is a Marine Officer.
My cousin serves in the Army! 
See, I wasn't kidding!
(and there are more!)
They are making (or made) HUGE sacrifices
so that we may enjoy the daily pleasures
of being an "American",
so that we can spend the day at the beach,
or at a BBQ or go to whatever church we want.
So, while we're BBQ'ing and enjoying
friends & family this special weekend,
let's all take a moment to think about
and pray for
 the people that are fighting for our freedom! :)
Freedom isn't Free.
Not by a long shot.
And it's important that we remember them.
To thank them!
and not only them - but their Families as well.
They sacrifice too.
God Bless you all!
Thank you for all that you do!

I am a proud American.
Enjoy the 4th Friends!! :)
Be Safe!

Re-purposed: Coffee Table turned Bench

We wanted a Bench at the end of our bed.
We wanted it to be "CPA"


So we started shopping around and found several that we loved.
and then we saw the price tag.
and then we didn't love them anymore.

This one was $649.00
This one was $700.00

Yeah - we're ballers.
but ballers on a budget. :)
so $700.00 for a bench is NOT gonna happen.

So - I set off to create my own version!!

I found this coffee table at Goodwill for $8.99!
The bones were great and it was very solid!
I sat on it several times - just to make sure!
Sold! :)

So I sanded it, primed it and painted it!

Then I went to JoAnns to pick up some Foam.
The good, thick stuff was WAY more than I wanted to spend.
So I got to thinking ...
and decided to try a Body Pillow!

Since the bench was such a striking blue,
I wanted the material to be simple & textured.
So - I tried something VERY different.

(or Poor Mans Linen, haha)

Yup, just a plain drop cloth from Lowe's!
I got TWO for $9.95!
(I only used a tiny bit of it,
so more uses for these coming later)

Ok - so enough talking ...
Here's my NEW End of the Bed Bench!

And the best part?
It cost me less than $40.00.
What do you think??

I think next time, I will change some things.
I'll use chair cushions instead of a pillow.
I'll use a fun patterened fabric.

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