Sunday, July 11, 2010

As for me and my house ...

We will serve the Lord!

I was talking with my wonderful husband last night
and we began discussing the events of the past 4 months.
The hectic sleepless amazing days after Nelson was born,
the cross-country drive with a newborn,
the 12 looonngg weeks while he was at OCS,
and the crazy move to Florida with no furniture.

There were ups and there were downs.
There was happiness, sadness, craziness & laughing!

While at OCS - George got bronchittis, tendinitis, the flu, and inflammation in his knees.
He was beyond exhausted - mentally and physically.
He wanted nothing more than to be home with Nelson
(and me, of course!)

And during those times ...
we realized that George wasn't doing this on his own.
God was at OCS too, with George.
He gave George strength when he needed that extra push.
Encouragement when he wanted to quit.
Energy to run when he could barely walk.

BUT - you know what's amazing??

God was with me too!
Blessing me with a positive attitude when I wanted to be negative,
giving me the heart I needed to stay strong.
giving me the energy to go days without sleep
while caring for Nelson without him.
(My mom helped so much! God Bless Her!)

and you know what else?
HE was with BOTH of us!
OCS was so wonderful for our marriage.
It made us go back to "talking" -
we realized just how much we mean to eachother.
Not that we had forgotten --
but it was a wonderful reminder
to be thankful for each other.
To appreciate one another.

"I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me."
Philippians 4:13

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  1. I'm so proud of the adult, young, woman, wife, and mother you have become. God has done amazing things in you and George's life. love, mom


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