Thursday, July 1, 2010

Re-purposed: Coffee Table turned Bench

We wanted a Bench at the end of our bed.
We wanted it to be "CPA"


So we started shopping around and found several that we loved.
and then we saw the price tag.
and then we didn't love them anymore.

This one was $649.00
This one was $700.00

Yeah - we're ballers.
but ballers on a budget. :)
so $700.00 for a bench is NOT gonna happen.

So - I set off to create my own version!!

I found this coffee table at Goodwill for $8.99!
The bones were great and it was very solid!
I sat on it several times - just to make sure!
Sold! :)

So I sanded it, primed it and painted it!

Then I went to JoAnns to pick up some Foam.
The good, thick stuff was WAY more than I wanted to spend.
So I got to thinking ...
and decided to try a Body Pillow!

Since the bench was such a striking blue,
I wanted the material to be simple & textured.
So - I tried something VERY different.

(or Poor Mans Linen, haha)

Yup, just a plain drop cloth from Lowe's!
I got TWO for $9.95!
(I only used a tiny bit of it,
so more uses for these coming later)

Ok - so enough talking ...
Here's my NEW End of the Bed Bench!

And the best part?
It cost me less than $40.00.
What do you think??

I think next time, I will change some things.
I'll use chair cushions instead of a pillow.
I'll use a fun patterened fabric.

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  1. that is beyond cute!! I love love the blue. And did you think of CPA? I like it :)
    I myself have a coffee-table-turned-bench! I'm currently using is as a banquette in our less than large kitchen. The coffee table was free from friends, i did spluge on nice foam though, but i got fabric from Ikea for $7/yd and paid an elderly lady in town to upholster it. She only charged me $10 and she did piping and everything! Soon i hope to get a sewing machine and do these things myself like you, my crafty friend.


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