Saturday, July 31, 2010

First Yard Sale!!

So I'm officially having my first yard sale!! (Literally, RIGHT NOW)

But I'm a nerd. a little ADD. so while I have a little "break" between the early birds & the late starters AND more importantly a break from monkey man (Tarzan has him for the morning ... I think they have a Man's Day plan of Terminator & Iron Man), I thought I'd do a little blogging and a lot of craft blog surfing. Sounds perfect, right?

Only thing that would make this better would be an ice cold diet coke.


ok. Pop the top. AHHHHHHHHH. :) Much Better.

*Don't worry, I know it's bad for me ... but I love it. I need it. It's my weakness. That and Chocolate chip cookies. I simply can't turn them down. Even if I've already had seven two earlier in the day.

Together? absolutely delicious!

Anyways -- we unpacked (the things that didn't get lost ... see story here!) and had WAY too much stuff!! and I want to redecorate the house -- mainly the living room, I'm thinking Nautical - simple. cozy... I need a new rug, new lamps, new artwork - which aren't really in my budget right now (you know, we're doing boring ... i mean, grown up things like paying off debt & making double payments) ...

so I thought - why not have a yard sale??
I mean, Everyone is doing it. :)

I mean, I looovee to go to yard sales. I love them.
It's all about the hunt. :)
So why wouldn't people want to come to mine??
I have good junk. I mean, great treasures.

One person's trash is another person's treasure? Right.
Isn't that why I have to two terrible looking dressers /chairs on my front porch that need re-sanding and a little TLC. or a garage full of ugly pictures in GREAT frames?
So - I bought some signs, organized my "junk" treasures and here I am .... sitting outside blogging, amongst all my junk treasures that other people are loving! :) and buying! YAY!! Money in my pocket. That I'm hiding from my husband. :)

Tarzan suggested we go on a date with the money ... how sweet is he?
But HELLLOOOO ... doesn't he know this is my DECORATING money? You can't mess with that. It's a sin. A girl has GOOTTT to decorate her nest ... it's a must. simple as that. :)

P.S. If you're in the area - you should definitely hit up my future garage sales. Almost everything is $1.00 or less. I price to sell. :) Also - I'm not very good at saying no ... so, if you say "can I have this for a .25?". Chances are, you'll get it. Even if the price tag does say $4.00. :)

I mean, if you don't buy it - I just have to haul it all to Goodwill.

Which I will do -- Absolutely. I love giving ... but, man - that stuff is heavy!!!!! and Tarzan is still recovering from oral surgery, so he's pretty useless right now! He can't entertain Nelson and help pack up the car .... men just can't multi-task.

I mean, it's not like this morning I changed a diaper, while I priced the items for my garage sale, ate a Toaster Strudel (don't judge) and checked my e-mail.

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