Saturday, July 10, 2010

holy headache ...

Dang you paint fumes ...

It's midnight.
on a Friday night.
I'm tired,
my head is pounding,
and my hands are covered in paint.
It was all worth it.

Tarzan & Little Monkey Man passed out EARLY
so I took advantage of the quiet,
to do some crafting!
Oh, how I long for "Whitney-time!".
An hour here, 30 minutes there.
I cherish it.
(Now if only I had time for a Pedicure!!)

Welp, tonight I got TWO HOURS!!!!
Thank you God! :)
So -- what did I do?
NO WAY! :)
You betcha!

Some things I did ...

- Attached new knob to my new crafting desk
- Finished Painting new Entertainment Center
- Re-attached hardware for new EC
- Primed a few random Goodwill finds
- Re-purposed a Kitchen Cabinet Door  :)
(details for that coming later)
- Painted Message Board for my "Craft Corner"
- Drank a nice cold Diet Coke! :)
- Snuck some chocolate chip cookie ice cream
- Rocked baby back to sleep
(I wish I could find a way to keep that Paci in!)
- Fed the Dogs.
- Cleaned up my mess! :) sort of.

Can you say multi-tasker?
Pictures/Posts of all my projects coming soon!

But for now - I'm off to bed.
Monkey Man will be waking up any minute now.

and what do I cherish more than "me time"?

It's way too quiet around here!

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