Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekend Recap!

First Family Trip to the Zoo!
It was an hour away in Gulf Shores, Al.
It's called "The little Zoo that Could".
It was so cute, little, and well maintained.
(Not to mention - it was 2 blocks from great restaurants
and BEAUTIFUL beaches!)

Nelson was more into the other kids than the animals.
George said "he doesn't need to go to the zoo,
he needs to go to go to day care." Haha.
But we had a great time together!

This was the view on the drive home ...

and this was my view from the back seat...

How precious is he?

Then Friday night we met up with friends
at Pensacola Beach for Island Music
and some dinner & drinks @ sunset!

haha! ;)

I went to the BEST garage sale EVER.
I will have to take pictures of EVERYTHING
I found. I spent a whopping $16.00.
I was in HEAVEN. Seriously, just wait until you see.
My project list just got 10000000x longer.

and then daddy & Nelson went jogging,
so I could get some house cleaning done. :)

Tomorrow's church & the beach.
The weekends go by too fast!!

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