Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Being Mommy: 5 minutes to beautiful.

Let me re-phrase that - you are already beautiful.
("All women are princesses, it's our right")
A little Princess (circa 1995) anyone? Love that movie!

Anyways, In my BC (before child) days I was quite the make-up snob ...
Bobby Brown, Chanel and Clinique.
I would spend at least an hour everday on my 'get ready routine'.
Well - Those.days.are.OVER.

For two very good reasons:
1. Monkey man would NEVER give me a WHOLE hour to myself, just not happenin'.
2. I would rather spend my money decorating my house - not my face. :)

But Tarzan and I had a date night Friday night and when I went to put on some make-up (for the first time in forever!) - my foundation had dried up, my eyeshadow was empty and my mascara crusty. Not excactly a winning combination. and so I thought to myself ... I may not have an hour to get ready but I do have 5 minutes! :) You gotta work with what you have, right?

So after a quick stroll through the Navy Exchange ... I walked out with $13.00 worth of make-up. Yes, $13!!!! (You couldn't even buy ONE thing for $13 at the Department Store make-up counter).

I'm now a covergirl. :) and I'm SOOOOO impressed with it ...

My 5 minute make-up routine goes like this:

1. Moisturizer with SPF. (*ok, I still use Clinque here ... but I just LOVE it!*)
2. Foundation Powder (this stuff is amazing!!)
3. Quick swipe of Blush or Bronzer.
4. Eyeshadow -- one color. Don't have time for the fancy corner mess! :)
5. THIN line of eye-liner!
6. Mascara! (don't skip the mascara! if you only do one thing ... it's mascara!)
7. Lip Gloss (or maybe Lip Stick if I'm feeling sassy! :) )
Grab my bag, my diet coke (oh and the baby!) and I'm out the door. :)

Takes 5 minutes.
I timed it this morning. (actually it was like 4 minutes, 20 seconds).
and I look Goooodddd, yet Natural. "naturally enhanced". :)
I would take a picture, but that would be a. creepy and b. vain ... so just try it for yourself!

Easy. Breezy. Beautiful.
CoverGirl. :)

What's your new baby make-up routine??

*Stay Tuned: My TO-DO craft list for today is 5 items deep. :)
But while Nelson is napping, laundry is calling! Ugh.

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