Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Being Wifely: Menu Planning

George is the cook around our house! :)
I hate cooking ... really - I hate it.
and George loves it - 
so he cooks and I clean! :)
It's a great thing.

Well - it WAS a great thing!!
Until flight school started and my lucky world was rocked.
 Tarzan now studies 5+ hours EVERY night.
So I've taken over the cooking.
(and the cleaning, grocery shopping, baby duties, everything!
I'm really "earning my keep" now. haha!)

I was really overwhelmed by the task of having to prepare a well-balanced, yummy dinner for the family EVERY night. 
Sure, I had occassionally cooked one of my "go-to" recipes --
but I would spend ALL day shopping, preparing, etc.
and that wasn't going to work ...

So like everything else -
 I confronted this "cooking" thing head on.
amd You know I'm a planner ...
I decided to plan my menus 2 weeks in advance!
(I have a friend that SWEARS by it, so I figured it couldn't hurt to try!)

and Oh.My.Gosh.
I'm LOVING it!!
I'm loving planning the meals.
I'm loving Grocery Shopping with my VERY detailed list.
I'm loving cooking them.
I'm loving packing my husband a wondeful lunch of leftovers.

I'll be posting more on HOW I menu plan! :)

But what about you guys - how do you juggle children, cooking, cleaning?

Because I'm exhausted. and all I REALY want to do is snuggle with my monkey man (whose been sleeping now for FOUR hours ... can I get a quick AMEN) and craft! :)

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  1. Seriously, menu planning is the best thing that's ever happened to me! I keep a notebook where I write down recipes that I find either on Food Network, in magazines or cookbooks, so when I sit down to make my menu for the following week, I have a nice little collection to choose from! And leftovers are the best. Andrew says all the other boys are jealous :)


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