Friday, August 20, 2010

Comfy Couch Mini MakeOver.

This my friends - is the most comfortable couch you ever did see!!
I'm talking AMMAAZZZINNNG!!!
Tarzan and I may or may not fight over it for Sunday afternoon naps!
It's THAT comfortable - the perfectly comfortable couch!

BUT. It's kinda ugly.
Well, not ugly - that's mean. I love the shape, the pretty little feet, the "big-bones" ...
it's just boring.
and DARK!
The living room in our rental is also very DARK (ugh, who designs a room with NO windows?).
So together, you were sitting in a cave!

... with a few of these ...

and these ...

Look at that texture!!

 You get this ....

Can we say MMUUUCCHHH Better???

Everytime I walk by I smile!!
Lesson learned? Don't underestimate the power of pillows!!
Especially when the pillows used .49 scrap pieces you picked up at a thrift store!!! (Holla!)

Oh - and where was Monkey Man while I whipped these bad boys up?

Right beside me - Banging Pots making music! :)

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