Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cork Cans!

I saw this post, Put a Cork In It, from Young House Love (LOVE.THEM!) and wanted to give a try! What a great idea! :)

I searched the house endlessly and no square glass vases for me... (that just means that Tarzan doesn't bring home enough flowers ... )

But since I already had some cork board on hand (leftover from another project) - I wanted to try and do this project without spending any money! :) I knew I could come up with something - just had to get the wheels turning a little!

Well last night we had lasagna! Which required a lot of cans ... Ding Ding Ding!

DUH, Cans! I've seen numerous posts about bloggers re-purposing their cans into all kinds of fab things! So I decided to make my cans pencil holders wrapped with cork board! :) The perfect little "message center". I covered one with fabric and left the the other one naked - no reason in particular ... just can't decide which I like better!

and coincidentally I just created a little desk/computer/printer/"home office" area in the Guest Bedroom - so I knew the perfect spot for my cork cans! :)

I love this little area!
It makes me just want to go print something!
(and thanks to the post-it reminder on my cork can- I bought some ink today!!)

Oh and please ignore that hideous wall color & ugly carpets ... we're renting and no painting allowed! :(

Oh and don't you just LOVE that lovely white chair??
Well, I'll be posting on that soon but it wasn't always so pretty! :)

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